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Tegona Logistics: Elevating Logistics Excellence.

Tegona Logistics embodies the essence of professionalism, expertise, and efficiency in the logistics sector. With our dedication to prompt delivery and exceptional services, we have established a trusted and dependable reputation among our valued clients.

Our company is led by a team of skilled and experienced professionals, backed by dedicated employees, and driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of our shareholders. As we continue to expand and diversify our logistics solutions, we are proud to see the Tegona Logistics family growing.


To revolutionize logistics with sustainable and innovative solutions ensuring reliability and efficiency for our clients' success.


Aspiring to be Africa's top supply chain brand, we envision to lead in sustainable global logistics by setting new standards in innovation and service.

Core Values

Principles of Excellence

Responsibility Responsibility

We understand the intrinsic value of your belongings and recognize the significance they hold. Our commitment to absolute responsibility is unwavering, and we guarantee the utmost care and security for your items.         

Speed Speed

At Tegona Logistics, we recognize the profound significance of every passing minute. Understanding that time is of the essence, we are committed to delivering your cargo promptly, irrespective of your location around the globe.

Empathy Empathy

Our team not only comprehends but deeply acknowledges the anxiety associated with the prospect of losing any cargo. We go above and beyond, dedicating ourselves to implementing comprehensive measures to guarantee that such a concern never materializes into reality.

Customer Service Customer Service

Tegona Logistics prioritizes exceptional customer service. We believe in responsive communication, transparency and openness, proactive problem resolution, availability and accessibility.

Professional Service Professional Service

In our commitment to delivering professional services, we adhere to the highest standards of excellence. We take pride in surpassing expectations, ensuring that our clients receive not only a service but also an experience that goes far beyond the ordinary.

Reliability Reliability

By recognizing the trust you place in us, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of perfection. Our untiring dedication to reliability, the cornerstone of our service, propels us to implement rigorous measures to guarantee no setbacks occur during the entire process.

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Peace of Mind

As a Logistics Service Provider, we handle the door to door or port to door freights involving the commonly tedious, but for our team feasible, tasks to keep our client’s peace of mind. We offer clients affordable transportation, convenient warehousing and effective distribution services. Our team at Tegona believes the inevitability of moving/relocation, therefore, we ensure that the entire moving process is completed with the utmost ease.


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Ease of Life and Reputable Representation

As a Logistics Liaison, interfacing with various logistics actors, Tegona works to achieve ease of life and all-in-one services by handling logistics tasks in a well-organized manner. Tegona Logistics streamlines logistics tasks for a hasslefree experience. We engage with key stakeholders, manage paperwork and leverage our credibility for secure and timely cargo delivery. Out sourcing to us means being shielded from bureaucratic chaos and benefiting from our trusted brand.

Logistics Actors
Consultant Icon

Perfect Market Information and Financial Optimization

Tegona as your logistics consultant bridges the gap of awareness to do with logistics processes reducing the unnecessary cost and mitigating the risks our clients may face. We empower our clients in making informed efficient decisions by helping them find the optimum tailored means of moving their items and handling their business.

Logistics Processes

Our Pivotal Milestones

Tegona Logistics has been a cornerstone in the logistics sector, particularly for diplomatic cargo, with a journey marked by innovation, growth, and excellence.
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Current Achievements and Future Goals

With over 900+ clients and forwarding an average of 300 containers annually, We are focused on future expansions to further enhance our service offerings.

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Significant Contributions During the Pandemic

Efficient handling of customs clearance for PPE and vaccination shipments bound for CDC Africa highlighted our pivotal role during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Team Expansion and Increased Capacity

We expanded our team to enhance services, marking the milestone of forwarding 100 containers, showcasing our capacity and dedication to growth.

Foundation Image


Foundation and Early Growth

Beginning with a modest inception comprising 5 employees, we embarked on the journey of freight forwarding and logistics, forwarding 20 containers by the end of the year.

Our Achievements

Leading the Way in Diplomatic Cargo Logistics

Pioneering in logistics since 2016, Tegona Logistics has established itself as a leader in the field, especially in handling diplomatic cargo with unmatched efficiency and reliability.


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